Thursday, April 27, 2006

More budget mud bath midget

Cartoon grin

Relaxing with the Sunday papers

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The dirty bit of our garden

He just loves playing with the mud that accumulates in the drain cover. Same thing in the front garden - he rests his hand in the muck he finds there, smiles and seems perfectly content. He can enjoy the mud for minutes at a time.

He really, really enjoys spreading water about. When there's enough of it - for instance when he's painting, or has spilled his milk, or finds a puddle - he uses a double handed windscreen wiper motion to move it about as much as possible. Posted by Picasa

Jos and Grandad at Goodwick

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The beach at Goodwick

Jos found a lighter and a short stick.

It was actually sunny that day. Look at the shadow. Posted by Picasa

Glorious day

I've fiddled with the photo editing tools for nearly a full minute and still can't make it look like a sunny day, however much I over-expose the gathering storm clouds. The puffa jacket doesn't help either. It was a lovely few minutes on the beach though - he thought it was fantastic. Posted by Picasa

Can't wait to go cycling

He actually does enjoy it more than it might seem from his expression . Not that he's had many outings yet. It's probably fair to say he's enjoyed half of his cycle rides. Exactly half in fact. And his attitude towards his cycle helmet is over-excited to the point of near tantrum.

Thinking about it again, it's possible he hasn't enjoyed either of the rides I've taken him for. He has been showing a preference for Claire recently...Posted by Picasa